Meet Your Farmer

At StashTwist, we pride ourselves on curating a top shelf menu of wellness products. We have sampled and tested products throughout the state to find the most potent and effective essential oil infused body butters, High CBD multi-ratio tinctures, and vegan, gluten-free edibles in a variety of dosage options.

We take the same pride when it comes to selecting our Cannabis flowers. Because it is important to know where your Cannabis and Cannabis Concentrates are coming from, and what exactly makes them top shelf, we present to you; Meet Your Farmer.

Dirt Ninja

Beyond Organic Medicine. Solarpowered. Solventless. Permaculture. We are a small Mom and Pop collective based in the North Bay. We are deeply committed to beyond organic, sungrown, permaculture based farming.

Producing what we want to put in our own bodies is very important to us. We believe cannabis is a medicine! From our perspective this plant has the ability to heal broken bodies,minds and the Earth itself.

Butter Brand

The future of Branded Marijuana is now, and it’s Butter Brand! Care, quality, and consistence are just a few things we love about Butter. This indoor operation is run by The magic elves at Butter Brand and they have no shame in telling their consumers that they talk to their plants. Seriously. The consistency of quality comes from years of experience and established strains. The flowers are organically cultivated indoors using a water saving energy efficient technique.

There are no artificial pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers used in the process. All of the buds are also lab tested and analyzed for THC, CBD, and other active ingredient. After perfecting the pre-jarred topshelf eighth, Butter has extended its operation to C02 extracted… Cannabis Oil Cartridges! Made from their top shelf nugs and no other additives. When it comes to top shelf buds Butter is better!