Cannabis Heals Communities: Bloom Gives Back 💚💚

Feeding Our Communities with Cannabis…

Bloom Farms Delivers 500,000 Meals to CA Food Banks!

Hunger is a harsh reality here in California and there are more than 5.4 million residents unsure where their next meal is coming from!  This includes the 2.1 million children who may go to bed hungry each night, according to the California Association of Food Banks.

Bloom Farms is a company committed to enhancing lives by taking a social responsibility and giving back a portion of their proceeds to help feed California Residents in need.


Cannabis redefined.
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How To Dab Cold Water Hash….

SWERVE Cold Water Hash

An interesting thing happens when you make solvent-free Cold Water Hash for edibles from beautifully cultivated cannabis flowers. The byproduct is terpene-rich, meltable, dab-grade, natural hash!

These products deliver the highest potential of the cannabis plant;unadulterated by chemicals and with a full component of flavor, fragrance, and healing effects. They are smooth to smoke or vape. A connoisseur’s dab. Exquisite rolled with tobacco or flowers. Potent and clean when vaped.

Our Cold Water Hash is made in small batches; strain and potency vary by the season. They are always high quality and packaged in glass hash.

Tahoe OG
Goji OG
Strawberry Lemonade
Ogre Berry

Strong. Organic. Delicious.

Tahoe OG is the perfect rainy day strain. Strong and fast-acting, you may not want to use this strain when you’re planning to leave the house. Great for those suffering from insomnia, pain, or lack of appetite, Tahoe OG has made a name for itself among otherindicas. A top nighttime strain, it provides an extremely lazy, heavy body sensation. Due to superb breeding, Tahoe OG embodies all of the typical indica effects with an added euphoric, sativa-like kick. This strain features an earthy, lemon taste, and is a phenotype of OG Kush. Tahoe OG is a must-try for those looking for a great night’s sleep.
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Fresh Flowers

Fruit Loops, grown by Huckleberry Farms in Humboldt, is a sativa-leaning hybrid that smells as good as it sounds. Fruit Loops is a cross of White Widow and recessive strains Grapefruit andBlueberry. This flower offers a stimulating yet mellow high. Perfect for heady conversations and shrugging off stress.

20.8% THC
Sweet. Stimulating. Stress-Free.

Photo Credit: LEAFLY Learn more about this strain!
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Lemon Fire OG, grown by Arcanna Farm in Humboldt, is an indica leaning flower with a reputation to get a smile on your face. With a strong lemon zest taste and an aroma of OG funk, there is nothing mild about this flower. Lemon Fire OG is a cross of White Fire OG and Blue Dream.

18.9% THC

Relaxed. Euphoric. Happy.

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Did you know the Lymphatic System does not have a pump, like the heart, to move toxins from the body?  

This means our Lymphatic System must be manually stimulatedto pump and flow toxins from the body.  Daily breast massage with Bosm Breast Oil is an effective and easy way to detoxifying your boobs!

  • Apply a few drops of Bosm Breast Oil to your breast and armpits.
  • Place fingerpads underneath Collar Bone and gently pull skin downwards towards breast. Repeat for at least 1 minute while breathing slowly.
  • Cup the top of breast and gently press into the fleshy part ofarmpit and then into ribcage. Repeat for at least 1 minute while breathing slowly.
  • Gently massage and move whole breast up towards armpit. Repeat for at least 1 minute while breathing slowly.
Release. Repair. Rejuvenate. 
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Wellness Remixed: HIO Retreat 2017
The 2nd annual Healing Inside Out Cannabis Wellness Retreat was last weekend and it was all aboutrelaxation, replenishment and release!

We had such an amazing time soaking up the sun with beautiful, positive, consistent, loving and nurturing energies! This was the ultimate cannabis wellness experience offering two Elevated YogaClasses, two Puff & Paint Classes, a Yogasm Session, Cannabis Massages, a Breast Wellness Workshop, Henna Tattoos andVegan Meals prepared by an on-site private Chef!The HIO Team is already planning for the next one! Head over to the site and sign up for the mailing list!

All the pictures are from attendees who came to the event this past weekend!

Don’t you wish you were there…

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